"He's a phenomenal motivator, a true competitor!"

"There's too much to say about David Short as a coach. He's a phenomenal motivator, a true competitor, and an absolute driving force. He doesn't take excuses. Only hard work. He's pushed me further than I ever imagined I'd be willing to go. His cardio plan was legit; the results were unquestionable and they showed fast. His meal plan was comprehensive; it gave me multiple sample meals as well as a solid breakdown of my macronutrient goals. The only thing I really want to say is: when do we start up another training plan? I'll keep coming back."

"He knows how to bring the best out of people and help them reach their goals"

David Short is a truly excellent trainer, nutritionist and coach. He has extreme knowledge in this field and truly knows what he is doing. His work ethic and dedication to each and every one of his clients is outstanding. David knows how to bring the best out of people and help them reach their goals. Whether that may be to lose weigh, gain muscle or step on stage, David is there every step of the way cheering and encouraging you when you need it, but also being tough and honest when you need it as well. I’ve been working with David for 4 year now and he has helped me completely change and evolve into the person I am. I can say that David is truly the best and I recommend him to anyone wanting to make a change!

"With the help of David, I’ve been able to work within my macros by eating normal meals that are easy to adapt to for the long run!"

David has been my trainer for over a year now and I am so happy with my results! After having a bad experience with my past trainer, it was a breath of fresh air to find someone that was flexible and timely. Not only that, he takes into consideration your schedule. As a student, he’s been able to create a flexible diet and workout regime that worked for me. He’s been my coach for three competitions now, all which I have done well in and one where I got my pro card! He’s guided me by helping me become more comfortable with macros and allowing me to have a flexible diet. My previous trainers have forced me to eat nothing but boring prep food that make you want to binge eat right after my show. With the help of David, I’ve been able to work within my macros by eating normal meals that are easy to adapt to for the long run. I cannot thank him enough!

"He goes above and beyond of what the 'duties' of a coach normally are."

I started seriously lifting April 2016 2nd semester of my freshman year and was tired of being overweight and also wanted to improve my golf game.  The first coach I hired was very slow to get back to me, was very nonspecific to my diet.  After being a member of RAW for several years, I decided to give David an email, and we went right to work. Instantly I knew I had the right coach, responds usually within minutes, gave exact macros (along with specific foods per meal), and overall went above and beyond what the “duties” of a coach normally are. Thursday before my first show I got a DXA scan which said I was 181lbs and 5.1% bodyfat, which I didn’t think was ever possible for someone like me.  He knows his stuff, and exactly what he is doing, especially with playing with how your body responds to different foods and forms of cardio. Everything is done for a reason, and not some copy and paste routine, he does all his plans from scratch and with a purpose to fit not only your needs but your lifestyle as well. And just started my off season under his guidance and I couldn’t be more excited to see what progress we make over the next 6 months before I start prep again!

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