In these sets of personal training sessions, I will go over your training, give you a full workout regiment, and everything else that will be discussed. 

Your options for this plan include:

  • 1-Month Lifestyle Coaching

  • 3-Months Lifestyle Coaching

  • 6-Months Lifestyle Coaching

  • 12-Months Lifestyle Coaching

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Lifestyle Coaching

These packages include:

  • 24/7 access to my direct phone number with guaranteed response as soon as possible

  • Customized workout plans catered for each individual's division, strengths, and weak-points. 

  • Calculated macros (carbs, fats, and protein consumption)

  • Includes a sample meal plan with 2 options per meal, a supplementation guide, check-ins, communications, and exact calculations of your macronutrient intake per meal. 

  • Weekly check-ins to assess progress, make adjustments, evaluate overall shape and condition. 

  • If your show is local to the Houston, Texas area I will try my best to attend!

Contest Prep Coaching

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